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Recital Reservations

Access the Recital Calendar and select an available time in consultation with your instructor, accompanist, ensemble performers and /or joint recital partner.

Full Recital:  See “Scheduling and Payments” Below

If you are presenting a Half Recital:
   Option 1:  Present two half recitals (making a full program)
   Option 2:  Present a solo half recital

Scheduling and Payments:

Your instructor must complete the Recital Reservation Form on the SOM website.  Within 24 hours of completion, you and your instructor will receive emails confirming that the reservation is held in your name and that you have 48 hours to pay the fee.  Your payment by cash or check can be made at the Haas-Howell Building 5th Floor Reception desk or the Production Office. If payment is not made within that period, the hold will be released and you will need to begin again.

If you choose to share a full recital, your co-recitalist’s instructor must submit an application simultaneously.  A recital time will not be held while you look for a partner.

If you have further questions please email or visit the Production office on the 5th floor of the Haas-Howell Building.




If booking a Half - Solo recital, select only a 3:00pm Weekday recital time.

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All requested times will be held for two days for payment to be submitted.